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FLY CASUAL - Magnetized Tray for X-WING


Hi all, maybe you've never heard of us but you may have seen one of our products in some European X-Wing tournament.

We have been producing X-Wing compatible accessories for almost 1 year. We specialized in making printed plexiglass accessories and we produced a lot of tournament prizes.

Thus, we sought to bring you the best quality product for movement templates


DESIGN IMPROVED in over 1 year of different trays

THE LID IS SOLID, protects your templates from falling, scratching and allows you to put it into your bag without caring too much


PERFECT SIZE 28 x 15 cm, not only to fit your Feldherr but to well fit also the gaming table, exploiting the space you have

(Example of standard wargaming table 180 x 120)

PUSH-POP DESIGN, you'll have just to push one of the ends to lift the movement template, this speeds the drawing and allows us to print a FULL ART graphic

IT'S ALL MAGNETIZED, that allow us to design new pieces to add and hold all you need in an X-Wing tournament

IT HAS A FULL ART GRAPHIC and also the lid can be printed as you want!

These are the available graphics (you can also use a custom image of your choice to print; minimum specifics to have a good result: 150 dpi, size 28 x 15 cm).

​​​​​​​There is also the possibility to choose from 3 DIFFERENT PRINTING TEMPLATE with every graphic: FULL ART, ART WITH NUMBERS and ART WITH NUMBERS AND ARROWS.